What do you all do to get out of a bad mood? I spent the entire night dreaming about what I had to do today at work, and now I’m throughly pissed off.

Veterans Day & Trust

As I was leaving the mall in King of Prussia today, I saw a sign from a gentleman that said he was a Veteran and needed help. That sight struck me deeply, because today is Veterans Day, a day where we honor the brave men and women who serve in our military.

The sight gave me pause not because there was a man claiming to be a veteran asking for help…that happens all the time, especially if you’re in a big city. No, it gave me pause because I walked right by.

I walked right by not because I didn’t want to help, but because of a larger cultural problem: we don’t trust each other. I’m firmly convinced that this loss of trust is the core issue for most of our problems today, in particular, our polarized political climate.

The person claiming to be a veteran may really have needed help…or maybe he’s just a scammer trying to take advantage of people given that today is Veterans Day…or both.

But, because I fundamentally don’t trust other people, I walked right by this guy. I wanted to help, but I want to be a good steward of what God has given me too.

When I got home, I hopped on Charity Navigator to look up well-rated Veterans organizations, and made a donation to Operation Homefront. I value Charity Navigator, because even though I’ve never worked with any of these groups, I trust Charity Navigator to show me the facts of how a non-profit works.



If you’ve seen that veteran and wanted to help, but were afraid of getting scammed or afraid that your help might actually hurt them (using money to buy drugs, alcohol, etc..), please join me in supporting in trustworthy Veteran charity groups like Operation Homefront. I trust that they will be able to make way better decisions on how to help Veterans than I can.


There’s a new house being built next door, which makes it super noisy during the day while I work from home. I’m seriously looking into some coworking places. Visited a great local one today, checking out 3 in Center City, Philly tomorrow. I have a difficult decision ahead of me: do I go with the local one because it’s convenient and I can walk there, or do I go with a downtown one to make more connections and get connected to my new city? So many pros and cons to weigh.

k8s-deploy-helper 3.1.0

I am super-excited to announce the newest release of k8s-deploy-helper 3.1.0. If you’re unfamiliar, KDH is a tool to help developers deploy to Kubernetes using GitLab CI as easily as possible. We <3 GitLab and GitLab’s Auto DevOps (huge, huge fans of the concept for getting going quick), but on day 2, you just need to do more.

What’s New

In version 3.1.0, we added the ability to use Heroku buildpacks instead of Dockerfiles, and added the ability to manifest-less deploys based on Procfiles. Unlike Auto DevOps, because we’re not tied to a structured Helm definition, we can dynamically create deployments for worker processes as well!

In order to do the Procfile guided deploys, we have to be super opinionated, and we require:

1) NGINX Ingress Controller

2) cert-manager or kube-lego

3) No RBAC

We know this won’t work for everyone, so the feature is completely optional. In fact, we assume most people won’t use it. We only made it because we had to migrate a bunch of apps away from Deis Workflow. If you want to have your own defaults, feel free to fork and replace!

What else can KDH do?

Other features of note are: complete secret management from the GitLab UI (with optional auto-insertion into manifests), automatic review apps and canary deployments, manifest evaluation and deployment notifications to Slack, New Relic and Datadog.

Next up on the roadmap is a function to help with container security scanning.

PR’s are accepted!

Musical Ear Syndrome

So for as long as I can remember, I’ll often hear music playing if I am sitting in front of a fan or at the right place of white noise. I wonder if I have this…the problem is my hearing is actually really good and I don’t think I have any hearing loss. It doesn’t happen all the time, so I thought maybe it had something to do with how radio waves were making it due to atmospheric condiotions…but maybe it’s all in my head?


Is this something anybody out there has?

PR is in for k8s-deploy-helper 3.1.0! Excited to push it out the door tomorrow once I get some eyes on the documentation.

Beyond excited that I have no non-family traveling on my schedule for the rest of the year. Last year I was so busy that we didn’t even get to put the Christmas tree up. I think I may be course-correcting too much though: I’ve watched two Hallmark Christmas Movies already…

Not feeling too well after traveling, so I spent the day at home trying to rest. I ended up watching Spiderman: Homecoming and Young Frankenstein, both for the first time. I have to say, I was let down by Young Frankenstein. Also, it really hit home how Mel Brooks often does not translate well into our more politically correct culture.

k8s-deploy-helper 3.1.0

This week I’m going to release version 3.1.0 of KDH (k8s-deploy-helper). It is going to support Heroku buildpack support as well as manifest-less deploys to Kubernetes. I mostly added these features to help us migrate away from Deis Workflow, but I can see them potentially being useful to others.