k8s-deploy-helper 3.1.0

I am super-excited to announce the newest release of k8s-deploy-helper 3.1.0. If you’re unfamiliar, KDH is a tool to help developers deploy to Kubernetes using GitLab CI as easily as possible. We <3 GitLab and GitLab’s Auto DevOps (huge, huge fans of the concept for getting going quick), but on day 2, you just need to do more.

What’s New

In version 3.1.0, we added the ability to use Heroku buildpacks instead of Dockerfiles, and added the ability to manifest-less deploys based on Procfiles. Unlike Auto DevOps, because we’re not tied to a structured Helm definition, we can dynamically create deployments for worker processes as well!

In order to do the Procfile guided deploys, we have to be super opinionated, and we require:

1) NGINX Ingress Controller

2) cert-manager or kube-lego

3) No RBAC

We know this won’t work for everyone, so the feature is completely optional. In fact, we assume most people won’t use it. We only made it because we had to migrate a bunch of apps away from Deis Workflow. If you want to have your own defaults, feel free to fork and replace!

What else can KDH do?

Other features of note are: complete secret management from the GitLab UI (with optional auto-insertion into manifests), automatic review apps and canary deployments, manifest evaluation and deployment notifications to Slack, New Relic and Datadog.

Next up on the roadmap is a function to help with container security scanning.

PR’s are accepted!