Updated May 27, 2019

Home Screen

I try to bring the apps I use most onto my home screen and leave the rest in subpages. I started a new layout today, we’ll see how it goes.

Favorite App of the moment

NotePlan - I am so excited for this app! I’m a big fan of The Bullet Journal Method, but I’d rather use an app for it. This app implments the core methodology really well. Easy to use. Just enough features. Markdown. No subscription.

Favorite Show of the moment

Terrace House - This Japanese reality show really has me captivated. Normally, I hate reality television. I consider it overly produced and quite frankly, inhumane. It’s about 6 people living together and all the ups and downs of living with people you don’t know. Unlike American reality TV, nobody is taking their phones away and cutting them off from the rest of the world. Nobody is making them stay at a compound and not leave for months. People keep on living their lives, they go to work, they travel, but they come back home to Terrace House.

What am I reading?

Walk in Love - Though I work for Life.Church, I unfortunately don’t live near a campus. I’ve been attending Education for Ministry at the Episcopal church near my house for the last year and my family is starting to get more involved there, so I’ve been reading up on Episcopal and Anglican traditions.

A Gift of Love: Sermons from Strength to Love and Other Preachings - A collection of sermons from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality - My leadership small group has been working its way through this book, and it’s a must-read.

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Despite the fact that my middle name (Durin) comes directly from Lord of the Rings, I’ve never read the books. Given that I now play Adventures in Middle-earth, a LotR-themed D&D adventure, I’m trying to up my Tolkien game.

What’s up at YouVersion / Life.Church?

A couple weeks ago I was promoted to our first Principal Engineer role at Life.Church. I’ve been given the technical reigns to build a centralized Site Reliability Engineering team for the church. We’ve all gotten to the place where we are all primarily on Google Cloud and everything new is going into Kubernetes, deployed via KDH. Our first focus is coming to a consensus of what monitoring tools we want to use so that we can start building out automation around best practices of what should be monitored for any given service.